1. I’d fallen in love with eye contact and tattoos
    I altered myself to be a little more your hue
    These bad habits pile up depending on my mood
    But my taste is cheap, and I can get home without you
    Keep lying through that pretty smile
    I’ll believe every word if it gets me in your sheets
    It’s clear to see that I’m the one to blame here
    Because I let it go on when I knew that it was not true

    You were the mystery I could not solve
    A broken chord left unresolved
    But I can play the victim well
    It’s a testament to my destructive streak

    It’s the sense of guilt that keeps me up at night
    Because I’ve let you this far along and leaving does not seem right
    But maybe you’ll have some better luck next time
    With someone who doesn’t think too much or over-analyze

    Sing along at a show this weekend.

    Friday: House show in Woodhaven, MI

    Sunday: Mac’s Bar in Lansing, MI w/ Lemuria

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